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Welcome to Crazy Old Goat and the Kid!

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Standard Pricing

Our rate is 1.3 cents per square inch. If you'd like tighter/more dense stitching, the price might be higher. To calculate your approximate cost, simply multiply the length of your quilt by the width of your quilt and multiply that total by .013. For example, a twin sized quilt (72 x 90) would cost approximately $84.24. (72 x 90 = 6,480;  6,480 x .013 = 84.24). Pricing includes cost of thread, we use Signature thread and you can select any of the 214 colors offered.


Charity Rate

We offer a Charity Rate of 1 cent per square inch for quilts that will be donated to a charitable organization. We have completed quilts for organizations such as Quilts of Valor, Ronald McDonald House, Project Linus, NWA Children's Shelter (Rogers, AR), Children's Advocacy Center (Rogers, AR), Saving Grace (Rogers, AR), various missions trips, and various Children's Hospitals. We are the official quilter for the Caring Quilters group (based out of The Rabbit's Lair shop in Rogers, AR) and continue to process all completed quilts before donation. 



Batting can be purchased from us at 1/4 cent per square inch. We offer Microsafe batting (low-loft, hypoallergenic, polyester) and Warm and Natural (100% cotton). 

Hand Binding

Hand binding is also available for 1 cent per square inch. Please include either enough yardage to cut 2 1/2" strips, your pre-cut 2 1/2" binding strips, or leave enough on the top/bottom of your quilt for binding strips to be cut. Price includes cutting the binding strips, pressing them closed, machine sewing to the front of the quilt, hand binding to the back, and cost of thread. 


Please ship your quilt with preventive measures in mind, we suggest securing your quilt pieces in a plastic bag to prevent possible water/weather damage. Shipping and insurance costs will be added to your invoice before your quilt is returned, we will send your quilt through the United States Postal Service. 

Other Services

Square/Trim the Backing = $5

*If your backing isn't completely square, it can't be loaded correctly onto the longarm. A backing that isn't square causes puckering, gathering, and stretching.

*Please leave 5"-6" from the top and bottom of the quilt and 3"-4" on both sides

Piecing the Backing = $10 per seam

*We can piece/trim your backing for you. This ensures that your dimensions are correct and your backing is completely square

Pressing = $8

*There is no charge for pressing out folds that naturally occur during shipping/handling. If your quilt requires more than a basic touch-up, we will charge the pressing fee. 

Trim Upon Completion = $5

*After your quilt is completed, we will trim the excess and send the leftover backing/batting pieces to you