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Welcome to Crazy Old Goat and the Kid!

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Before You Send It!

Square it up


Make sure your backing and your top are completely square! If your top/backing aren't square, your quilt will have puckers, gathers, and stretching. This results in a finished product that looks less than stellar.

When squaring your backing, make sure you leave at least 6" from both the top and bottom and 4" from both sides. This allows the quilt to be loaded and pinned properly.

Designate the top of your quilt with a safety pin or a pinned note, this will ensure that your pantograph is quilted in the correct orientation. If you are sending batting with your quilt, trim it and leave 6" from all 4 sides.

You can also purchase batting from us and we will take care of that step for you (see pricing page for types/cost of batting) 


Press your top so wrinkling is kept to a minimum. 
Press the seam for your backing OPEN so there isn't a large bump through the backside of the quilt
Press out wrinkles on the backing fabric so fold lines won't be quilted. 


Select Design

Choose your pantograph from our selections OR find one that you like
If you find a pantograph that you would like that is compatible with our software, we will split the cost of the purchase. Most designs are between $10-$20
Choose your thread color from the full selection of the Signature Line